Monday, November 21, 2005

Wuah! EL makes an entry!

It may sound like a real bad excuse to say that I have not been making entries here because of my tight workload in the company, but it really is the case.

Reeeally lah.

Granted, I was lazy on several occassions. Especially in the still, eerily-silent aftermath of a blitzkrieg of work (like now, at the time of this writing), when I want to do nothing more than to fall asleep staring at the idiot-box in bed. And then of course, there's WoW, which (finally, finally) found its way onto my harddisk three months ago, and have been a frequent activity in my recreational reportoire.

Yes, for those of you in the know, you must be going "AHA!" to that last point I made. Yes, I cannot begin to deny that WoW did not account for less than quite a number of entries that should have long been up here. But the good news is, I've been WoW-ing at more... sedated frequencies now. Proof of which is here - I'm making an entry now, okaaay? Add to that the fact that I've decided, after trying for a few months, that blogging is not for me, and you'll start to realise how glad I am feeling right now, to have scrubbed the dust off my Blogger login and to be writing this.

There's also a gazillion tonnes of photographs to upload to our Flickr page, of the rich grace of God which has poured over Animagine through the class bookings He's given us during the past months when I've stopped making entries here. We've met (and gotten back) some wonderful students and taught at some interesting places (and had many splitting headaches and sore throats) which I hope to pen down here. I really hope to secure these little bits of Animagine history before they fade from my memory. Before this year is up, I pray.