Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We are going to RGPS!

I apologise for the rather long pausity of entries. But well, I am glad to say that it's for a good reason, as we had been running about several places nearly everyday recently - appointments and more appointments!

We are grateful for enquiries and interest from some of the schools that responded. We are in the midst of discussion right now for the implementations of our animation programs at their premises.

And meanwhile, we have produced a small little plaything, a flipbook animation, drawn by yours truly. It had been sent out to school principals all over the island. I hope it's refreshment to the sight, after the endless barrage of hyped 3D graphics these days. It's also a demonstration of the kind of difference that animation principles can bring about to a student's work.

As for our students - put in your utmost attention, and you may just get one from us as a perk at the end of the session!

And on the 20th this month, we will be conducting our very first S.A.T Workshop at RGPS! We're looking forward to offering our best to the little ladies there, and hope to spread the love for the art among them. It's also our very first workshop in a school, and anticipate applying what we have learnt from our previous S.A.T (yes, our mistakes and blunders) and give the young RGPS students an improved experience. And as usual, we'd appreciate teachers / parents / students pointing out our blind spots... and prayers will be also be much appreciated!


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