Thursday, July 28, 2005

RGPS : S.A.T 25 - 27 July

It went as quickly as it came.

I awoke this morning at 6.30am, and was about to jump out of bed to get dressed when I realised that there was no need to get up so early - we're not going to RGPS today. We had already wrapped up the workshop the day before.

After four classes and six anxious mornings, this sudden change in routine felt really weird.

And perhaps, a little sad too.

And why shouldn't I? The day before, at the end of the S.A.T Workshop, the P4's suddenly grabbed the company brochures off the table and rallied around us. They held up the bright yellow pieces to us.

"Can you sign this for us?"

"Yes! Sign please!"

"Yes yes, autograph pleeease..."

The sweet little ones. I could do nothing but comply as I was cornered into a chair. Even as I was obligingly signing on the covers of the brochure that I myself had designed, part of me was still pleasantly astonished and trying to figure out what was going on. Chances are, Joshua and I never felt so honored and appreciated before.

Thank you girls, from the bottom of our hearts. You can never imagine what a big encouragment that was.

RGPS 25 July S.A.T [42]

To be honest, the 25 July batch was a whole lot different from the 20 July. There were more chattery and boisterous personalities, allowing us to exercise our mentoring abilities. And there were quite some spills and thrills during the three days, as models had to be re-made and scenes had to be re-animated - all of which didn't happen with the 20 July batch! We were all jittery in our hearts. Where patience waned, we had to inspire. Where enthusiam got carried away, we had to curb and guide... without killing creativity.

I don't think we did, judging from what you girls produced in the end. We were so worried about some of you. For Danica and Jia Ping, I was constantly trying to make sure that they were comfortable, for they were not classmates like the other two groups and thus were keeping silent for the whole of the first two days as far as I could tell. So imagine my delight (and relief!) when you two came through, and with a wonderful little ending sequence as well! Weisiong thinks they've got a little bit of story-telling in their clip, with those progressive sequences, and I agree. Well done girls!

And of course, I'm sure we won't be forgetting the crowd favorite in a hurry, that vomitting worm. Sheryl, Hilary and Monique are really fast workers who can also churn out good, solid, frame by frame material. In all honesty I was extremely suprised when I first glanced at the standard of the 'extra footage' they were making, after completing everything on the first animation-day. They sure didn't spare the frames! Speaking of which, was it Monique or Hilary who was always quoting Joshua, "Frames - the more the merrier!" Well, you girls sure lived up to that. We are truly impressed.

RGPS 25 July S.A.T [46] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [45] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [43]

And to all the rest of our dear students, we appreciate your patience and efforts too! Believe me when I say that each and every one of your animated shorts entertains me in their own unique ways. The hats and eyelashes, the tombstones and the popping eyes, the kissy lips and the bows... the list of of your creativity is long. And the way that each team stretched and improvised our original animation, was inspiring.

RGPS 25 July S.A.T [38] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [32] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [16]
RGPS 25 July S.A.T [11] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [1] RGPS 25 July S.A.T [24]

It's all this and more, that makes me as reluctant as you girls were, to say goodbye and send you girls out the classroom. I wish that we had more time, so we could sit together and I'd go through every single one of your animated clips and show you, by pointing out all the little details, how wonderful a piece of work y'all produced. Yes, I wish we could stay on and do that.

Speaking of which, kids nowadays seem to know and say the darndest things. I recall overhearing this part of a conversation:

"... how I wish they can stay on after this. Then they can teach us how to make more animation!"

"Aiyah, don't be silly. They won't get more money if they stay longer, so why should they?"

For the life of me I do not remember myself being aware of, or even caring about such materialistic truths when I was in primary four.

But to this student (whoever you are), I'm not so sure that my desire to be back with you girls in RGPS is entirely about profits.... not so very sure at all. We're putting our best efforts into our proposal right now, so that we may see you again soon in the Alpha Program. Pray for us.


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