Saturday, July 23, 2005

RGPS : S.A.T 20 - 22 July

Yay (and phew)! We've completed our very first S.A.T Workshop in school - at Raffles Girls' Primary!

Girls, it was a blast for Joshua, Weisiong and me, spending the past three mornings bringing you into the world of animation!

It was a fulfiling experience for me as I believe it was for you, especially when, at the end, I literally saw your burning enthusiasm for this new art form you've discovered. I was greatly encouraged when a number of the P5's turned up early, and the whole class refused to go when the Workshop ended. It sure looked like passion to me.

And when you renamed the S.A.T from "See & Try" to "Short & Tiny", I knew that you girls had really fallen in love with animation. I promise that we'll do our best in working with RGPS to bring you the Alpha Program which nearly all of you were clamoring for. Pray that it will happen.

To the 20 July P4's, I'm sorry that we didn't have more time to take some proper photographs of you. We were all a little ruffled by the disruption from the double-booking of our room.

RGPS 20 July S.A.T [9] RGPS 20 July S.A.T [3] RGPS 20 July S.A.T [2]

RGPS 20 July S.A.T [10] RGPS 20 July S.A.T [8] RGPS 20 July S.A.T [6]

And to the teachers, parent volunteers, and alumni members who lent their time and support to the children and us, I express my gratitude - Delphine, Audreline, Yin Ling, Angie, Bobby, Ian, just to name a few. The big and little ways in which you helped to facilitate the S.A.T Workshop. Moggie, your nasi bryani went not only to our stomachs, but to our hearts as well (and I'm not referring to cholestrol here, okay).

Principal Miss Tan, thank you so much for dropping in despite your busy schedule - your supportive presence meant a lot to your girls, I assure you!

Though we were initially apprehensive about spreading the one-day S.A.T Workshop over three, we were nonetheless glad to reap the good that came out of it, especially how it gave everyone involved in the Workshop added time to evaluate and appreciate it for what it was. On my end, it was the best, real-life opportunity to observe the effect of our courseware on the P4's and P5's as it worked its function, surfacing both budding talents and areas of weakness in the students. Patience, teamwork and planning skills are just some of the areas in which our students are tested, and I'd be lying if I said it was a 100% passing rate (though I am extremely glad to say that it nearly was). Fine-tuning in terms of our courseware information and logistics will also be done, as mistakes did not come solely from the students.

We're looking forward to more fun with the 25 July batch.

Meanwhile, I'm seriously reconsidering my preference of boys over girls for children.


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