Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What This Journal Is All About

ANIMAGINE PTE LTD was created by three young gentlemen (at least, they'll like to think they are) who graduated from the 2nd batch of the Digital Media Design course at NYP. Passionate about the art of animation and it's relevant forms, they were one of the many among their peers who aspired to make a living out of this craft that they loved so much...

Right, I'll skip the grand prologue, 'coz it's all on the ANIMAGINE homepage. I'm Ellery, one of the three fellows I spoke of in the earlier paragraph. I started this blog to NOT be just another corporate propaganda channel with mission statements and cheem (Singlish expression for 'deep') pedagogic write-ups devised to either convince or confuse you. This blog is a personal record of my work in my company, a sharing of what it goes on within it, and how it concerns you.

And who am I addressing here with "you"?

You could be the parent or guardian who signed up your child for one of out little workshops. You could be a school principal who's wondering what this Animagine company does and whether they're any good for your students' curriculum. You could also be the teacher in the school which enlisted ANIMAGINE, and the contact person in charge. You could even be one of our students who, for reasons we cannot comprehend, chose to drop in here to read some potentially boring adult stuff (okay, you guys are much smarter now then we were at your age, I'd admit). And yes - you who stumbled in here by accident - you are welcome too.

Right. You probably have get the idea of who "you" could be now, yes?

Good. Here's a warm, informal welcome to Ellery's journal of ANIMAGINE.

I just want you to know that when you read the articles posted here, you're looking at a human face, not a cold, corporate identity (yes, I am human despite what my two partners might tell you). These are all my individual thoughts and interpretation of what ANIMAGINE is doing as a company. I am seeking the sentimental value of a company journal that is faithful to its growth and hopefully, at the same time, allow potential clients, existing customers, friends, students, partners - you - to gain valuable insight into how ANIMAGINE is growing and upgrading to give better service. Along the way you'll hear the collective thoughts of the directors (mainly through my words), on nearly every aspect of ANIMAGINE that we can imagine to be your concern.

For the sake of my partners, I will also be laying off the super-duper company secrets (so you do not even need to try asking). For the sake of you who'll (hopefully) be bookmarking this journal, I will be laying off the corporate bluffs and cover-ups, and be as honest as I can possibly be when writing here.

I'd like to hear what you think (and who knows, make some friends too), especially if you've read a post that involved you (regardless of it you're a student, a parent, or a principal) - let me know how my company did. Leave comments, or email me in private; help me understand what you want to see more of in my company's services, or how you feel about them. There's something you don't like? You can be straight-forward about our mistakes - I only ask that you be courteous in this public space. On the flipside, if you think that ANIMAGINE did you (or your organisation) a good service, please do let me know all the more!

God bless; I pray I'll see you here again soon.

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