Sunday, June 19, 2005

A point to share with the parent

It just occured to me that I should share some points here with the parents.

During our debriefing and analysis after our first
S.A.T. Workshop two days ago (which you can read about by clicking here), one of our decisions was to incorporate more specific, or like how we put it, 'less free-form' instructions to our students during their hands-on activities. This was due to my observations of certain younger memebers of the class having questions and experiencing slight lapses in deciding what to do and create for their animation activity.

If you've recieved and viewed your VCD of the day's works by your child and the rest of the class, you might have wondered why we instructed our students to duplicate our examplary claymation clip instead of giving them space for their own creations.

You might have asked, Didn't I read a tonne of stuff about advocating personal creativity on the Animagine flyers?

Yes you did. Creativity in creation is something that we planted close to the heart of
ANIMAGINE when we made her. It will always be one of the most important things that we wish to inculcate in every child that animates with us.

However, the
S.A.T. is, at the end of the day, designed to function as a preview to full-fledged basic animation courseware. As such, we have to be prepared that most of the participants have little or (most likely) zero pre-conceptions of how animation creating. Thus as professionals, we'd wanna make sure that every child participating in the S.A.T. gets the least stress and most fun while dicovering what animation really is - the stress goes on our shoulders in designing a workshop that will do just that, and in this case, a set of slightly more rigid instructions that will help our students achieve the objectives of such an S.A.T, and in doing so, provide the means for them (and you, their guardian) in making an informed decision before enrolling in the Alpha Program. There, having the benefits of more time to fiddle and get accustomed with the craft, they will be better able to enjoy the freedom of more creativity.

We'd probably be seeing some outrageously wonderful works from our young charges then!

p.s: more works on our VCD presentations will follow - we know it's not the best yet.

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