Sunday, June 19, 2005

Look what's in the mail

We worked with our list of must-do's and upgrades that we identified during the Workshop on the 17th, and managed to get quite alot done today. The missing video clips, incorrect info are all being updated. The majority of our efforts however, went toward preparing the VCDs that our students and their parents will be recieving in their mail very, very soon.

Speaking of which, look what came in OUR mail!

YES! It's the very CDRs that the students' work will be output on! We're working hard to finalise the contents right now, along with the mail packaging stuff. And to our dear students and their parents, this is what your VCD will look like when you get in your hand:


Please be patient - one like that will be reaching your house in the next few days!

A direct link to this article here


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