Friday, June 17, 2005

First S.A.T. Workshop 17 July 05

After much preparations and expectations, we've finally conducted our very first public workshop today. It was an S.A.T. Workshop held at The Substation from 10am to 6pm, with Joshua and myself helming the instructorship.

Our workshop was attended by a total of thirteen students within the age range of 9-13 years old, with the exception of one 14 year-old. Among them were some of our young relatives who had previously attended our private 3-hour trial session and were were interested to participate in what we're teaching through ANIMAGINE. They, and most of the other students, would find the program to be fun-filled and enjoyable at the end of the workshop.

During this first-ever public demonstration of our services, our primary objective was to start evaluating the effectiveness our long-planned courseware and workshop structure. Some of our were main concerns were:

  1. Are the students able to understand and absorb the content of our courseware?
  2. Do they find our courseware subject and workshop appealing and enjoyable?
  3. Is our workshop duration justifiable and effectively spent?
  4. To start experiencing mistakes and to upgrade our service accordingly.

Save for the exception of a couple, the students were all able to comprehend the information which were taught to them, proving the accuracy of Joshua's recommendations and advice from his experience in working with young students. Naturally then, I observed Joshua to be the more engaging instructor among the two of us. I needed to adapt my presentational skills to the younger generation. We also made the mistake of forgetting the ice-breaking games, which would have greatly helped our young students.

In terms of the animation-creating activities, I could observe no difficulty on the part of the students in utilizing the capture systems we provided. Their understanding and execution of the exercises were nearly without hitches, except in their first activity where they were allowed to get acquainted with the act of animating and the concept of creating motion. I observed momentary lapses in six of the children, and upon discussion we thought that it was because our instructions allowed a little too much freedom in what they could create, leading them to ask questions like, "What are we supposed to do next?" Age might also have been a factor, as the six students happened to be within the 10-12 year old range while no such lapses occurred in the older students - in fact, they seemed rather happy to be able to be able to indulge in their imagination and appreciate the freedom for creation.

As expected, the favorite segments of the S.A.T. Workshop were the animation activities, particularly claymation, from the feedback we recieved. Our direction in ensuring that students could get straight to essence of animation and creativity with minimum tech-fuss also seemed to work well, seeing the excitement and even satisfaction on the students' faces at the sight of life being given to what was actually inanimate off-screen. Less time figuring out software meant more quality time for the meat of the art.

We also found out that the workshop could be completed in one less hour then planned. This meant that we could pack a leaner courseware and more efficaciously utilize the attention span of our students. Nonetheless, around 70% of the students opted that they would proceed on to the Alpha Program upon the consent of their parents. The rest who didn't were either doubtful because of heavy curriculum workload, or decided that animation was no their cup of tea. We are not particularly concerned about such students as the S.A.T. Workshop is, after all, a preview to the comprehensive Alpha Program, and should accurately inform the participant of what the animation art form is really like, and whether they would pursue it through the Alpha Program.

There are obviously other areas in which corrections are needed, and we shall meet all those that are possible before our next S.A.T. Workshop. Overall, I am personally satistfied with what we were able to deliver and learn from this workshop. We're certainly looking forward to turning more of our concepts into experience.

Many thanks to you, our students, and you, parents and guardians who trusted us and allowed us the privilege of spending our very first with your beloved children and charges. We look forward to seeing you folks at the Alpha Program soon.

God bless!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ellery! It is me Ashton! form the S.A.T workshop! remember?well, am I included in the ten 10-12 year olds? :P

Mon Jun 27, 05:17:00 pm 2005  
Blogger EL said...

Hey there, Ashton! I'm so sorry for replying so late.

Yes, you are included. But only during the pixillation exercise. You took on a life of your own when claymation came :)

Sat Jul 23, 01:24:00 pm 2005  

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