Sunday, June 19, 2005

Featured Business Column @ Project:Senso

The folks at Project:Senso have plugged ANIMAGINE as their featured business for the month of June! (see here) I did a short sharing in response to their kind invitation, which I feel will be a very useful addition here. Read on:

My two pals and I formed ANIMAGINE to spread our love for the art animation art form. It's been existing in our minds ever since we underwent our animation training 7 years ago. By the time we were done with school, NS, and some business-training, Singapore was just declaring its focus into the media and animation industry (which started with PM Lee's mention in the 2004 ND Rally and the announcement that ol'George and company were setting up shop on local turf).

The fact that the MDA had marked animation as a niche genre with strong potential to bring S'pore international success said alot, while the govt was pretty intent on 'prepping the workforce at tertiary levels, we observed little motivation and awareness among the young generation who would grow up to see the prime of the animation industry. By this we mean the awareness of what animation really is (read: not mere 'cartoons'), that one could actually work as animator for a living (and not just as its audience), or what one could do to pursue it. We want to spark an interest for the animation as an established and respected art form because animation, like mastering martial arts or the piano, is a discipline best inculcated with time. Heard of the kids who participated in the production of Star Wars Episode I at age 14? Guess how young they started fiddling with animation on their desktops. And no, good animation is not a 'computer' thing either (~LOL). It really bemuses us everytime we are told by local schools that animation is 'under the I.T. department'. That's another misconception that has to go if we're going to have the quality professionals needed to hold our animated rice bowls.

Well folks, in essence, that's how ANIMAGINE has got her work cut out for her. We look forward to hearing your comments, questions, and even collaborative possibilities (if we have the honor of your appreciation) Smile

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